Accommodating colorblind computer users Pretoria sex and porn chat

Same goes for red background with blue or green text. Users that are blind can’t rely on using a monitor or mouse to access the web.They use screen readers and keyboards to get the information they need.Some possible issues people with color blindness may deal with: Examples If you love making charts or read them yourselves, check out this Google Analytics chart (normal vision at top and color blindness below it).

Avoid text that is embedded within graphics (unless it’s a vector image). If the user zooms in, the text will be rasterized and sometimes be not legible.Never use “Click Here” or “Learn More” because these do not explain what the link will do, however, use something more descriptive such as “Download the Latest Version of Chrome”Provide alt text for all images. If the image is meaningless, your alt text doesn’t need to be too detailed, however, if the image conveys an action, be sure to be concise.If you are still stuck in the 90’s and want to use a graphic for spacing, you should still use alt text, but designate it as empty by adding a space in between the quotes.According to Web AIM, the most important rule for low vision is how perceivable something is.People with low vision issues can’t see content that is small, does not enlarge well, or does not have enough contrast.