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You may have to increase the amount of food you’re feeding, especially if your dog has been eating another food with higher calories.

On a dry matter basis the food contains 29.2 percent protein, 15.7 percent fat, 4.5 percent fiber, and 41.6 percent carbohydrates.Finally, Rachael Ray’s dry foods include Just 6 Lamb & Brown Rice recipe. This food looks like it has very low levels of protein.This food contains no corn, wheat, or soy and no by-products. On a dry matter basis the food has 22.5 percent protein (low for a premium food), 14.6 percent fat, 7.9 percent fiber (very high), and 46 percent carbohydrates (very high).Most of the ingredients look reasonably good though we don’t really like the peas and tapioca used in some of the foods in place of grains.We also note that some of the foods have synthetic vitamin K which shouldn’t be necessary.