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To date the conflict is estimated to have killed over 250 000 people, injured more than 1.2 million, and left extensive contamination from explosives.

Over half of the population has been displaced, including 1.2 million people in 2015.

One in three children cannot be reached with vaccines.

There are 4.5 million people in need in hard-to-reach and besieged areas.

Of these, 11.5 million people require urgent health care and 8.7 million are food insecure.

Seventy per cent of the population have no regular access to safe drinking water.

Disclaimer: All the observations about Dutch and American girls made below are based on people I’ve known personally or know.The conflict has left two-thirds of the public hospitals destroyed or only partly functioning, while the shortage of specialised medical staff, ambulances, equipment and medical supplies has increased the number of preventable deaths.Over 3.1 million children under the age of five years old and pregnant and lactating women are at risk of malnutrition.After five years of conflict, the Syrian Arab Republic’s humanitarian situation continued to deteriorate during 2015.An estimated 13.5 million people (including 6 million children) are in need of humanitarian assistance.