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We want it to get more desktop apps and games, but we don’t want them limited by the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Microsoft is trying to fix that disconnect in the Anniversary Update.

Cortana will offer a “find my phone” feature that can remotely geolocate your phone on a map or ring it if you lose it in nearby.

If you promised Chuck you’d send him that Power Point in an email, Cortana will know, and remind you to fulfill that commitment later on.For example, the on-stage demo showed us that Cortana can respond to things like “Send Chuck the Power Point I worked on last night”, or “What toy store did I visit at Build last year? Of course, if you’re more privacy-conscious, that’s crazy in all the wrong ways–but it’s a pretty tempting set of features.Cortana can also make proactive suggestions for you.Regular desktop apps are finally coming to the Windows Store–at least, as long as developers “convert” them to the UWP.This allows for the easy discovery and installation of the Windows Store, but supposedly comes without all the limitations UWP apps traditionally have.

160 insiders online dating guide limited edition