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'In their eyes the attackers are martyrs who are going to paradise.

And if they stand for a minute of silence they are against their Muslim brothers who fought for jihad and fought the “infidels”,' he said.

Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi says it is a 'lie' to say the Muslim culture does not remember the dead with a moment of silence, and instead argues the football team did not partake in the mourning because they stand with the jihadist men.'They did not stop for a moment of silence because according to Wahhabi Islam - which governs Saudi Arabia - it is not wrong or a sin for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim,' he told Daily Mail Australia.'Their response suggests that within Muslim culture they don't remember the dead with a moment of silence.

This is a lie.'Sheikh Tawhidi says under Islam Sharia law it is not 'wrong' or a 'sin' for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim.

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