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On that occasion a child was taken into care and the mother was charged but disappeared before a court hearing.

The man, who asked not to be named, told local radio: ‘We knew that my sister had a child in Greece, and gave it to friends there because it was impossible to support it, but she and her husband would see her quite often in Farsala. She told us that the couple paid her 250 euros for the child.’Mrs Ruseva and her husband were arrested and questioned for a few hours yesterday morning by Bulgarian police as part of a joint operation with Greek officers. The police asked us questions about her, but we don’t know anything.

A sketch of the man is pictured According to The Sunday Times, the Israeli government - fearing a repeat of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich when 11 of its athletes and coaches were murdered - has sent agents from its internal security service Shin Bet to increase the protection around its Olympic team.

Israel's external security service Mossad are also thought to have sent a team of agents to Europe to hunt for a group of white Europeans who have converted to Islam and are working with the Iranian Quds force and Hezbollah - the terrorist group backed by Tehran.

He beat her and forced her to go to Greece and sell their child.’ DNA test results from blood and saliva taken from Sasha Ruseva and husband Atanas will not be released for ten days, a source within the Bulgarian police has revealed.

In January this year a Sasha Ruseva was arrested in Thessaloniki, close to the Bulgarian border, for the same offence.The parents usually spend the money in Greece and by the time they get back here they have hardly anything left, just enough to buy some food for their kids.’ Mrs Boyanova added: ‘I know a girl from this village who has sold two of her children in Greece.Her mother married her off to a man from a nearby town, Nova Zagora.We told them we want her back.’His brother said Mr Rusev has been ‘out of his mind’ since he first saw a picture of Maria on Bulgarian television two days ago and has barely stopped drinking since.The family survive on child benefit payments of £40 a month from the Bulgarian state and live on potato soup and homemade bread.‘I don’t know how to pay for their clothes.