10 men you should avoid dating

These are the type of men who add absolutely no value to your life – dead weights, is what I call them.

All they do is waste your time, energy and emotions – and there’s nothing worse than wasted emotions, right?

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Whether it’s ‘cos of jealousy, chauvinism or just plain insecurity, there really is no excuse for controlling behavior.

A healthy relationship can only thrive where there’s mutual love and respect and not where one party is always calling the shots.

Also, he lacks the ability to support and motivate you to achieve your dreams. If he always has to ask for his mother’s input in major issues especially ones concerning you and your relationship, that’s a red flag.

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#Bye Felicia The one who always seems to be short on cash If it’s not ‘I forgot my wallet at home,’ it’s ‘there has been a delay with my payment.’ Either way, you are starting to wonder whether he even owns a bank account or not.

– four max, that I would gladly give that title to.

If all the years that I’ve spent being in either a serious relationship or in a confused situationship, has taught me anything, it is this: there are just some guys you need to steer clear of.

If you have one of these men in your life, then you already know what to do……

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